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In a short space of time since inception we have consistently achieved substantial clients results that has improved the bottom line as well as other measures such as client and staff satisfaction. If you'd like more information on the below case studies or would like to discuss your needs, get in touch with us so we can arrange an appointment. 



Mortgage Growth

We were engaged by a large US bank increase their market share in the competitive multi-trillion dollar mortgage market. We worked with leaders and mortgage lenders in the branches and call centres to improve client conversations lifting client satisfaction and thereby their mortgage book growth. We also improved communications between sales staff, credit risk and operations improving efficiency and customer service as well as more timely settlement for mortgage customers. 


Artifical Intelligence 

We planned and implemented initial communications and change management activities for a US Financial Services corporation relating to AI. This has made employees more understanding of AI and what it means for their roles in future and what to expect. There is more trust between leaders and employees prior to this there was a large gap. 

Computer Programming
Image by Denys Nevozhai


Salesforce Implementation

We implemented a large Salesforce implementation with a Financial Advisor which has enabled them to build stronger relationships with clients and help increase profits and grow share of wallet with more 401k and mutual fund investments from clients. 



We improved teamwork and reduced interpersonal conflict by working closely with a retail banking leadership team. MBTI assessments, discussing results and how they can best work together as a team based on a better understanding of individual preferences particularly with communications, has over time greatly enhanced overall results for the organization through a stronger, more cohesive retail banking leadership team.  

Stang-up Meeting
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